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Karla Ugarte and Juan Palma are husband and wife and the founders of Keto Sweets & Treats in Alamo, Texas. What began as simply a dream has now flourished into a more than they could have ever dreamed of. Keto Sweets & Treats is the proud home to people who practice the Ketogenic lifestyle and individuals who cherish a healthy well being.

It first started as a health concern that was necessary for their well being, they soon fell in love with taking care of their bodies and their overall quality of life. Karla is a veteran elementary teacher who had struggled for more than 30 years with morbid obesity and weighing 330 lbs. She was a severe diabetic patient taking large doses of insulin and metformin, high blood pressure medications and sleeping with a breathing machine for severe sleeping apnea. Juan was also very overweight with high blood pressure health problems and severe gastritis. Two and a half years ago they decided to change their health because of their two beautiful boys. They both adopted a Ketogenic lifestyle and lost a combined weight-loss of more than 200 lbs. They completely got rid of diabetes, high blood pressure, sleeping apnea, and gastritis.

Juan had always been an amazing cook and baker, and they always had a dream of opening their own small keto bakery in the Rio Grande Valley with a great variety of sweets snacks, salty snacks and keto foods that could bring joy to many other fellow ketonians. By offering healthier choices of desserts using the best quality and fresh ingredients such as organic almond flour, organic coconut flour, flaxseed flour and the best low glycemic sweeteners such as organic stevia and monk fruit, their goal was to give people healthier options. They have always had a true passion for helping others in the RGV area that share similar struggles.

Est. 2019

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